Who is Sveta?

Hi! I'm Sveta. I'm a follower of Jesus, homeschool grad, and aspiring artist through words + pictures. My life goal is to be a lighthouse of the love of Christ shining among the lives of all people I meet. 

I have lived in the hills of Kentucky most of my life; my family having a small farm with a cow and chickens. Each year we gardened and put up food for the winter. Church was across the holler and we live in a house built by my Dad and brother. However, when I was 17 my life took a drastic turn. God called my family to Tanzania, Africa in May of 2013 for six months to work with training leaders of the church to be leaders. Returning to the states was hard on us all, but by God's grace we have adjusted (somewhat) back into that lifestyle. One short year later God called most of my family back to Tanzania, but not me. It was a time of learning trust as He sent me to Haiti as an intern at Living Hope Ministries for six months. My time in Haiti was an incredible growing experience spiritually, and it was there I fell in love with Jesus. But God told me it was time, again, to come back home. Now I am preparing to go to Berea College and study child development, in hopes of being able to better help hurting children from around the world. My life has turned out nothing like what I planned, but it is the most beautiful thing as my biggest desire is to be where God wants me, serving Him, and loving His people.