Monday, November 16, 2015


John 1:16  "For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace." 
This world is so broken and battered. It is filled with sin; deep, darkened, black sin. Attacks in France, bombings in Bagdad, ISIS attacks, child slavery, sex trafficking, the killing of innocent through abortion. This list could go on forever. And my heart cries in pain for those suffering. My soul is in anguish for the people of this earth. The response of my human heart is to be angry with those imitating these actions, but is the Christian response? 

Grace: unmerited, free, undeserving  

My soul is broken, battered, bruised. My soul is that of a sinner. My heart is filled with sin, deep, dark, black sin. I am but a nobody in this place. I am worthless, until grace came. When grace came, my soul was filled. My heart was healed. It is not black, it is pure with the power of Christ. God granted me grace, undeserving, unmerited grace. And I can do nothing but offer these people the same. 

The people who have been hurt, they need grace. The people who hurt, they need grace. My duty as a Christian is go into this broken world with the power of the gospel of grace. My call is to love the brokenhearted, and to love those who broke the hearts. No, I do not condone the actions of ISIS or abortion doctors or those who enslave people, but I cannot judge them. That is God's business. I can only love them. Jesus commanded that we love our enemies. It is no easy task, but will you join me in praying for our enemies? They are only broken human beings who need Jesus as much as you and me.

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