Monday, July 13, 2015

Heavenly Eyes

"If this is earth, I can't imagine what heaven looks like!" This is a saying I have often heard (what can I say, I like to be in pretty places that people would compare to heaven!), and one I have said frequently, especially as of late. G.K. Chesterton said "What's wrong with the world is that we don't often enough ask what's right with it." What's right with this world is God created it, and He said it was good. It was a beauty to behold in His eyes, this earth He had created. 

I always appreciated the outdoors and beauty of the earth, but it wasn't until some incredible God-things happened in my life this past spring that I was in awe of this earth. How did my life change? My soul fell in love with Jesus and His Spirit dwelt in me. My life became joy. Jesus said "I have come so your joy may be full," and oh, has he done that! As this happened I began to be in awe of every sunset I saw, crashing wave I heard, shining star in a night sky, foggy mornings on the way to work, country roads with arching green trees surrounding, waterfalls in the midst of the forest. Summer nights spent swinging among the bright green trees, bicycle rides down back roads, lookouts that covered miles. I saw the world in a whole new set of eyes; heavenly eyes. 

It is when Christ dwells among and in us that the glimpses of heaven are most vivid. After all, He is God come to earth. We receive this glorious vision when we receive Him into our lives. I'm not talking about that one time you prayed for Jesus to come into your heart. I'm talking about the everyday decision to have Jesus in you. I'm talking about the moments spent in prayer and the times we glorify His name. The times we praise Him and have a worshiping heart. The times we come before His throne of grace with thanksgiving on our lips. It is then He fills us with great joy and peace, and gives us a new set of eyes.

What if we're not just seeing little pieces of earth that will never compare to heaven (because, let's just face it, there are some incredibly beautiful places on this planet!), but God is giving us glimpses of heaven? What if when our lives are most in-tune to Jesus and our hearts are filled with worship and awe for our beautiful Savior, God grants us heavenly eyes? God's hand is painting a beautiful picture, of your lives, this earth, and heaven. For now we get pieces, but one day we'll see the finished product!