Sunday, May 25, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Where I Stand
I was in Seattle last weekend being a tourist and all...we visited Chihuly's glass gardens, and I captured this cool shot. 

2. Pink
We also went to the Science Center, which had these lovely butterfly gardens. I really love the black and white against the pink.

3. Technology
Sort of a long shot here, but see those giraffe looking cranes? Talk about amazing technology. They just got some new cranes in (not pictured, sorry!) that came from China already assembled: three to a ship. Imagine getting that off a ship and standing in the air! The cranes also load a box onto ships every 60-90 seconds. Pretty amazing invention in my opinion.

4. Something New
I've been wanting to get a Henna tattoo for a couple years now, and when I was at a street fair in Seattle I got one! It's already fading away, but it was fun to have. 

5. Favorite Place
Iced coffee + 80 degrees + beach/boat rides = a very happy me. 


  1. A very fine group of captures! Yummy iced coffee, and pink is simply stunning, but photo number one is outstanding! Very cool!

  2. Very enjoyable post. How cool to see the glass display and that you captured the Space Needle in your shot. Pretty pink blooms and butterflies, you can't go wrong with that combo. Those are some awesome looking cranes. The Henna tattoo was cool looking. Nice indeed for a favorite place to be.