Sunday, March 23, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Leading Lines
Today's pictures are all from Haiti again. I haven't really pulled out my camera in the last couple weeks, but hopefully this week I can capture some new images. However, I have like 500 pics from it's good to use them in a couple posts. :) Here you can see some of the  children lining up and heading to their classrooms.

2. Relationship
In both foreign countries I've been I've connected with little boys between ages 4-7 better than any other people or children. I don't know why, but I love them to pieces! 

 3. Good Morning
Each morning there is a chapel service before school begins. It's a beautiful thing.

 4. Together
Pictured is my sister and I in the bay. I'm so glad she invited me to go along on this trip. I almost backed out last minute, but boy am I glad I didn't! 

 5. Project
I did an artistic twist to getting a picture of the boys sewing class so I didn't draw too much attention. But anyhow, here's the boys doing sewing projects. And boy could they sew...pants, shirts, etc...


  1. your pictures are really fantastic!!! very sweet faces... and a lot love there...

  2. Great photos. I like the chapel service photo and the boys sewing class. It is nice that you got to share this experience with your sister.

  3. I just adore the leading lines. and the group of children together is priceless.