Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Beverage
With all the cold and snow we've had, hot chocolate has been a faithful companion.

2. Snuggles
I take care of a little girl named Lily, and doesn't always offer lots of snuggles, but when she gets up from her nap there's usually a few of them.

 3. Thick
The Bible is a thick book. It's lots of books in one. 

 3. Behind the Lens
I love this picture. All the African kids loved the camera and were thrilled to carry it around and take pictures. 

 5. Where Were You?
Last week two of my friends got married and I got practice taking wedding pictures. It was so hectic, being in charge of capturing all their memories, but in the end looking through pictures I see the reward.


  1. Oh that last photo, is priceless! Great photos for your hunt today! Perfect selections.

  2. your wedding portrait is adorable. I love how you captured the expressions of the groom & his new wife. I'll bet they were really happy with all the photos you took. It's stressful taking photos for a once in a lifetime occasion - my daughter got married in November (small wedding with a dozen people) & she wanted me to take a few photos. I couldn't add that to my list of tasks to help with so I ended up hiring someone for a couple of hours.

  3. You have such a nice group of photos! I like that you let the little ones experiment with several cameras.
    Your Bible shot is great. I think I'll steal your idea with my own Bible for my Legacy Blog.