Sunday, January 5, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Well, I sure am keeping up with blogging so far in 2014. Hopefully that will last the year out. Blessings for a good Sunday.
1. Photographer's Choice
We had our once a year snow last week, and I somehow got three siblings to let me take their pictures. Usually they don't like it, but I guess just being in the snow was all they cared about.

2. Lunch
Homemade chicken soup is perfect in the winter.

3. Starts with the letter "G"

4. My Town
I have two towns which I claim as home now: Mwanza, TZ (my African and city home) and Liberty, KY (my old Kentucky country home). These rocks are famous landmarks in Mwanza.

5. Words to Live By
Just two words.


  1. WOW - every single one of these is spectacular. Fantastic job!

  2. I Love your photographer's choice picture, well done!!

  3. Awesome set. That first shot is so joyous. I agree your sunset shot is gorgeous. Beautiful picture from where you live.

  4. Wow! I don't think you could get a better grouping if you tried. These are beautiful photos. I love the snow shot.

  5. I love your country scene during sunset. The snow picture of Jonathan is real good too. Jonathan didn't recognize himself, but we saw it was his sweatshirt. Love you. Mama

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