Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Buy Me Jesus." | Reminisce of Africa; The Davie Chronicles

Quite often Kat and I would sit out on the steps of one of the school buildings to chat about the day, what God had been teaching us, and what was on our mind. One night little Davie, age four, heard us and came to see us. He sat quietly for a while and then asked what Kat’s rosary was. We replied that it was Jesus. He said he wanted Jesus, and we told him he could have him. Then he asked where Jesus was. We pointed to his heart and said he was inside of him. Ha! He looked at us like we were lunatics!

The next couple days he kept asking us to buy him Jesus. So one day we took his brother, Lazaro, to the market to by a rosary for each of them. We got a glass beaded one for Lazaro and a fun bright wooden beaded one for Davie. Davie loved it, until his brother convinced him that the glass one was good and the wooden one bad. Davie looked up to his big brother very much and told us he wanted one like Lazaro’s. Now we had several, so we gave him one…which was broken the next day. So we offered him the wooden one; “no! It’s bad!” he said.

A week or so later I was going through my stuff and Davie spotted a cloth beaded necklace with a crucifix at the end. “I want that one, Sveta.” He told me. So I gave it to him. I told him his sister or mom had to help him to get it on and off or else it would break. From that day on, he had it on every single day.

Often he’d wear it under his shirt and when we asked where Jesus was at, he’d point to his heart…because that’s where the necklace was. I hope that he still wears that necklace and will someday know that Jesus IS in his heart. 


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  1. Oh my gosh!! Sveta!! This is so beautiful. Please continue to use your God-given gifts to inspire all of us! You told this story so wonderfully. -Claire