Wednesday, May 8, 2013

going on a safari

scale of 1-10
excitement level: 15
nervousness level: 10

This time next week, I'll probably be somewhere in the air flying over the Indian Ocean, into the land of the unknown (for me, anyways). Yep. I'm very excited, but also very nervous. Kinda like that i'm-jumping-off-a-cliff-like-THIS sorta feeling (click that link...).

By the way, did you know that "safari" simply means "trip"? Yeah...

We're saying our goodbye's. Seeing good friends one last time, having three families over in one day just to visit more people, going to work one last  more time just to see my awesome work family, going to supper at other's homes, then there's shopping, heart-to-heart chats, Swahili, and mostly Africa on all our minds. Asking Daddy questions about where we're gonna be. "What's the house to be like?" "Do they sell ___ in Africa?" "What kind of food??" That's what we've been doing. Oh, yeah, and finishing up school.

This week I went to the library twice. Twice, people! Do you know how often we go to the library? (we're avid readers) If we're lucky, it'll be twice a month. Only if we're lucky, and at that time we walk out with about ten books each. For some, it's twice that. So I went two times (got tired of "twice"), walked in, returned books, and walked out. That felt weird, no checking out tons of books. Not even looking at books!

So you wanna know what this whole "Africa" thing is? I've mentioned it a few times on here, and then fixed up the header image. You've gather that I'm going, but what you may not know is that my FAMILY is going. Plus my best friend, she's practically family. That's eight of us. We have our own house awaiting us, empty, in the land of Tanzania. Yes, we'll have electricity and running cold water. We're cooking on a charcoal fire. That doesn't mean hot-dogs every night. That means I'm gonna expand my awesome cooking skills [that i think i have].

Mi Familia. My older brother is staying at the home-front. 

Our new home.

My Daddy is working hard to write a Bible school curriculum in Swahili with the pastor there. Mommy is to teach English to whomever might want to learn such a language. One sister is teaching at an international school. My other brother and sisters are just gonna live and have wondrous adventures. My friend and I have no idea what's coming up our alley. We were just informed that the orphanage we planned to work at won't work out for at least the first month or so. There's a possibility of teaching and working at a health center. All I'm saying right now is God has a bigger plan than we. He know's what we need to do, and I feel like an Abraham. Okay, half-way. I know where I'm going, but not a clue what I'm doing. Funny, just last week my bff and I talked about how God loves mysteries in our lives. But He's got a plan.

If you might wonder why I'm not posting much, it's because I'm without much internet for these six months. I don't even know if I can post at all. But no worries, I'll be back in November if not. We covet your prayers during this time, especially as we travel over and adjust the first couple weeks. This trip isn't just us, it'd be impossible to make it without all the help you've all given us. We're taking this trip with you, all together in the body of Christ. You're at home, we're going. You're praying, we're serving. Thank you all!

Blessings, Sveta


  1. Twenda sasa Afrika, mwana. (Let's go to Africa, daughter. -Mama

  2. wow. wow. i am so amazed! so glad i kept scrolling thru to see what had you in africa for 6 months! as i have scrolled i have read some, and enjoyed your photos. those dark smiling faces! they do something beautiful to my soul. just like tanzania. it has such a place in my heart... and oh i hope to travel back there someday. i can't imagine not... my 17yr old son is actually going back this summer for two weeks with my parents and my sister's family. i'm trying not to be jealous! the necklace you asked about was made by kristen's husband ( not sure if he still makes them, but he might!!