Monday, May 27, 2013

10 days and counting

The anticipation is over. After 1 week, 4 states, 17 hours in airplanes, 5 hours in airports, and 37 hours in cars we arrived in our new hometown  in Tanzania. It's been ten days since we've actually been in the country itself. And let me tell you, I love to travel...but I gotta say I was tired of traveling after a weeks worth of it! We're not to our house yet, but that's because it needed renovations. Tomorrow we move in. For now we've been blessed to stay with a wonderful missionary family. With seven people a hotel could get expensive for a whole week...I'm so thankful we didn't have to do that. Besides, we've also been able to meet other really nice people through this family. People that will be life friends. 

So I don't have a lot of time to blog, and therefor I won't write too much. I'll let you look at the pictures to see some of our adventures. Much less time to do that than me write a ton. God Bless. -Sveta 


Yes, that's me sleeping on the floor..don't make fun, I had slept about 3 hours in two days and was tired!

Typical African highway scene. 

A little town...

Kids! I've never felt so white in all my life.

Playing games with village children. The first kids we played with over here.

Laundry day!

Why, hello there!

Beautiful sisters in a beautiful land. I'm blessed.

Sunday afternoon hiking.

We saw monkeys.

Mwanza: the city of rocks. Oh, just in case you ever wondered - rock climbing in a skirt doesn't work very well.

Totally worth the hike! So wonderful to be here.

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