Monday, April 15, 2013

Dearest Bill

This time of year rolls around and there's the lovely flowers blooming, trees budding, and barefeet running. It's the time when we run through fields with hands in the air, catching the afternoon breeze. It's when we are reminded that there is life, even after death. That we can be made anew again, just like the old blackberry bushes. The time when gardens are tilled and children can run and shout without coats and scarves and hats. Spring has always been a favorite season in my life. 

In thinking of all of this, I sit here wondering how I could have missed the 13th of I could have forgotten how my life was different from there on out. Thinking about it, it must be because life has changed so much in two years...which actually feels like ten years ago. Christ has molded me into someone different, and I've been given reason to not dwell on events, but let them pass and look into the future. That being said, I'll never forget when I first heard about Bill's passing. We were in church, it had been a busy week and during prayers my Dad prayed for Bill and his family, for their time of grieving. I remember looking over, probably with my mouth wide open...their grieving?! I knew Bill was sick, but he had died and I hadn't heard? Bill was like a grandpa in place of one that I never knew. His wife was like another grandma. We were all close to them. And that's when I heard he was gone. That moment was probably the most shock filled moment I've ever had. Dear Bill, gone. Upon returning home I wrote this poem.

Seasons of a Treeman

Like a tree in the spring,
Blooming buds and signs of joy.
So were you, dear friend,
Putting joy in every girl and boy.

Like a tree in the summer,
Always giving fruit, delicious and sweet.
So were you, dear friend,
Always giving to those offbeat.

Like a tree in the fall,
Changing colors and adding beauty.
So were you, dear friend.
Changing lives and adding love.

Like a tree in the winter,
Dying out, ready for a new year.
So are you, dear friend,
Dead in flesh, alive in spirit,
Ready for a new life.

Mr. Bill, You were an influence in my life, for the better. You loved and lived lived for Christ each day. It's hard to believe it's been three years since I've seen you, and two since you've left this fallen world. I can still close my eyes and see your great smile and big blue eyes. I still hear you telling all of how ice-cream is good for the soul. I still think of you every time I swing, and see trees budding out. I'm nearly in tears, because you were so dear to our family. "Gramps" isn't what we ever called you, but it's what you were. Whenever I see a Jeopardy show I can't help but think of sitting in your hammock swing to watch it, or to beg Daddy to let us stay up just til the end of it. To freely give and know that God will take care is the lesson you taught me. I miss you, but someday I believe we'll all be together again.  


  1. Reading this brings tears to my eyes too. Bill and Margaret were our mentors during the years you were young. They taught us patience, generosity, perseverance, fortitude, gratefulness, kindness, and all the fruits of the spirit, all by example. I think of them often and still miss them. I am ever grateful for their friendship, and the closeness they offered to our family.

  2. Beautifully written Sveta. It's hard to live without the people we love, but life goes on and we adjust. I like the way you put your memories into writing. The poem is beautiful. You are very creative in both your writing and your photography.