Friday, March 22, 2013

the old yellow house

I've always admired this old yellow farmhouse down the road. I dream about living there someday (even knowing that will probably never happen) and having a house full of foster/adopted kids and a great husband and a fun farm. Yeah, big dreams, huh? Okay, I'd be satisfied to just have the house and live there with some girlfriends...kinda like community housing. That's another dream of mine. When I found out that the previous house occupants moved out I wanted to take a peek around. I went over one day, just walking through the fields...and decided I wanted to come back sometime and explore the house and ground more, with my camera. Then I found out a couple weeks ago that someone has bought the house and were fixing it up to move in soon. I hurried over to be sneaky and creepy before anyone moved in. Man, I really wanted that house to simply remain empty until I could buy it. haha! Well, my Mom and siblings headed over with me and we had great fun there. Just going inside the house (and seeing that is had about six bedrooms - perrrrfect for lots of kiddos!) made me want it more. Well, I'm gonna quit rambling and let you see the lovely grounds of the old yellow house. 

I just love this picture. ^ The lighting, the country feel...ahhh
I'm a little worried where the ladies room might be...

xo, Sveta

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  1. What fun we had exploring the old house and grounds together that cold, windy day last week! Thanks for the great idea. I think we will remember this day every time we go by the house. Maybe we will get to know the family that moves in. I hope so. - Momma