Sunday, March 3, 2013

scavenger hunt sunday...cOLorS!

1. Red
Went out this morning to take this picture. :) You all should be proud of me, it was cold. But I had nothing else red. This is  my brother's new [old, really] truck. It's pretty awesome!

2. Orange
Orange cheese...with Sourdough Artisan Bread! [delish!]

3. Yellow
Self explanatory. Yellow a concert. :)

4. Green
Fresh from the garden green celery. (carrots were right out of the garden too!) In February! 

5. Blue
Blue shirt...

Well, we're headed out to church. Gotta sign off!
xo, Sveta


  1. Great set of colors. I admire how you were able to fill the frame with each one. I was not so successful. I think red is my favorite. Great crop.

  2. That cheese looks delicious! Love red - great cropping!

  3. Love your colours, especially blue.