Friday, March 22, 2013

the old yellow house

I've always admired this old yellow farmhouse down the road. I dream about living there someday (even knowing that will probably never happen) and having a house full of foster/adopted kids and a great husband and a fun farm. Yeah, big dreams, huh? Okay, I'd be satisfied to just have the house and live there with some girlfriends...kinda like community housing. That's another dream of mine. When I found out that the previous house occupants moved out I wanted to take a peek around. I went over one day, just walking through the fields...and decided I wanted to come back sometime and explore the house and ground more, with my camera. Then I found out a couple weeks ago that someone has bought the house and were fixing it up to move in soon. I hurried over to be sneaky and creepy before anyone moved in. Man, I really wanted that house to simply remain empty until I could buy it. haha! Well, my Mom and siblings headed over with me and we had great fun there. Just going inside the house (and seeing that is had about six bedrooms - perrrrfect for lots of kiddos!) made me want it more. Well, I'm gonna quit rambling and let you see the lovely grounds of the old yellow house. 

I just love this picture. ^ The lighting, the country feel...ahhh
I'm a little worried where the ladies room might be...

xo, Sveta

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In the Shade of the Oak Tree

Where has my true love gone
She has gone, gone far away
Searching for the joy she’s lost
And to find a resting place
Over the mountains deep clay
To learn again the dance of life
In the shade of the oak tree

Where has my true love gone
I will follow her through the day
Searching for the signs she’s left
So to find her resting place
Over the mountains deep
And through the fields of rain
To learn again to dance with her
In the shade of the oak tree

Where has my true love gone
It has gone, gone far away
Banished by the joy she brings
We have found our resting place
Down in the valley wide
Beside the fields of grain
Together in the dance of life
In the shade of the oak tree

She’s a dancer
She’s a dancer
My beautiful Rose, the one that I chose

She’s a dancer
She’s a dancer
Secure in the arms of her oak tree

 This is a song my Daddy wrote for Mommy in 2003. It's so beautiful. As I read the words I hear my Daddy's voice singing it... :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

around the farm

So, yeah, I live in rural Kentucky. You all already know that. What you may not know is I live in the middle of a Mennonite/Amish community (but we are not mennonite, catholic actually). We're in farm country. I work at an organic garden place, and we also have a small farm for ourselves. It's not too much to speak of, being only a few acres, but it's still a farm. Daddy built our house, and the cabin where Grandma lives. He also put up a big rope swing in our woods, which is the pride of the place...where all the company goes. 

We've got a cow, some chickens, couple goats, dog, cats, and gardens. The month started out with cold and bits of snow, and now? It's 70 degrees out. Preparing me for Africa! Cannot wait. 

So here's a little post of recent "farm" pictures. And there may or may not be some adorable brand new goats...
Brand new! Less than 24 hours old here is Miss Fuzzy.
Miss Floppy is the twin. She had a rough start, and we wondered if she'd live. But the strong kid she is  doing great now! (after pampering and a couple nights in the house.)
Yep. Beautiful Spring days now. Daffodils blooming, windows open, hair blowing, hands digging in the dirt again, and bare feet. I love it.
Around here you find the Ambulance in the garden, to the rescue of dying plants maybe

And that, my friends, is a little peek into our corner of the world. 

xo, Sveta

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I've got a few posts lined up, one of which will include basketball pictures from the past month. Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

and if the music is good you dance

It's so flow-y, so peaceful, so fun, so happy. It's contra. 
A few years ago my sister saw a notice at the library "Contra Dance, Old English Dancing for the Whole Family." Okay, I don't know if that is exactly what it said, but that's what was implied. Then they went, yeah I didn't. I think I actually stayed home with younger kids because we knew it'd be too late a night. The fam loved it! And they went again, and then traveled further to go another time. By now, they are hooked. This went on for about a year...each time coming home saying "you've got to come to a dance!" No, no I wasn't going to dance with a guy, especially not with strangers. Okay, I was chicken. Then the next dance came and Mom said, we're bringing the kids, you can stay home alone or come. Yeah...wasn't gonna say home all by my lonesome! But, I did line up to babysit half the night. My thought was I'd embarrass myself for half the night and then escape to the kids, where my comfort zone was. 

That...didn't last. haha! First dance and I was hooked. People, this is awesome. It's community, laughter, it's amazing music, and all about having fun. There's nothing awkward about it. Yes, you dance with strangers (until you meet them!). It's sort of a cross between line dancing and square dancing, only more fun than both.

So, people out there, go. Look up contra near you (it's there), and go dance the night away. You will love it.

“Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” -Martha Graham. 

That's yours truly on the left. (pink top, polka dot skirt)

Young or old, it don't matter. Just dance.

xo, Sveta

(some of pc is my sister, not sure which though)