Sunday, February 3, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Hidden
My little sister turned two weeks ago. All the candles were matching, with daisies, except one. Can you spot it?
2. Plain
Plain and simple. Just my little brothers great big smile.
3. Left
I'm going with the same thing Ashley did...left aligned. A few days ago my brother and I went out to get some new pictures for the website and this was one of them. I like how my hair is blowing in the wind.
4. Fast
Kentucky weather can change so fast. One day it was seventy degrees out, the next stormy, the next was an ice storm, and the next [three days] were snowy. Yes, all in one week.
5. Peaceful
I don't think I need a caption for this one...just a peaceful pasture view from home. <3