Tuesday, February 19, 2013

my bulletin board book

I've let it known to the world that I love lists, but another love? Notebooks, scrapbooks, and really any book. But I do really like notebook. All my life I was never good at keeping a journal...it was just so hard to think of stuff to write every single day. I mean, how much excitement happens that often? It's just normal day-to-day life most of the time. But last summer my life changed. Drastically. On the outside everything was the same -- where I live, where I work, what I do, etc... -- but on the inside, I turned into a completely different person. I began to see things from a whole new perspective. I would step out of my comfort zone more. I learned new things. I worked on living for Christ, not myself. I worked on putting others first. I worked on befriending the friendless. I learned what it meant to be a Christian. I looked for the beauty in my life now. I began to appreciate all that is in my life. I began to really follow Jesus. 

It was then that I saw the little things that I'd been completely overlooking before. The kitchen soaking up the sunlight at 4:30 pm. My younger siblings laughter on Sunday afternoon. The early morning dew. But even more so, the amazing people God put in my life. The sermons. The books I've read. And most of all, my parents. I used to never have a good relationship with them, but after the summer and into the fall I realized how much they mean to me. I also saw that God knew what He was doing in giving them to be my parents; they love me like no one else and they'll listen to me when no one else will. It was also at that time that I learned to trust God with every little thing in my life. That was hard. It's still hard when I tell Him each morning that I'm his and am here to do his will, but God is in control. You know what? When I put my life in God's hands and when I started taking the trash out of my life, I became more content and happy. I've finally learned to be content in all things. I love my life right now, and I'm content where I am and being single. But I also know that there I some big changes up ahead, and I will be content then. 

Right now is kind of a turning point in my life. In just twelve short weeks life as I know it will be gone. I'll be in Africa, hopefully serving God through caring for orphans, and when I get back I'll graduate high school. Then I'll turn eight-teen. (scary!) And I don't know where I'll be going after that. But right now I want to cherish the little things in life. Currently I don't really have a bed-room and can't have a nice big bulletin board to put my memories on...so I've got this book. I call it 'my bulletin board book'. It holds little notes, pictures, quotes, and memories. It's like a scrapbook, I guess. 

So I thought I'd give you all a little peek inside...and maybe you'll start one for yourself. Now, I'll quite rambling (I don't blame you if you didn't read any of the above...), and get on. I'm off to continue working on our family cookbook and then cook dinner. 

xo, Sveta