Friday, February 1, 2013

some rambles and favorites from twenty-twelve

I did a re-cap of my year in photographs on the old blog HERE (please excuse the horrid header and design...), and have been going back and forth on the idea of posting some of my favorite photos from 2012. I've finally decided it will be fun to look through old pictures. So I did. [Thus the purpose of this post] 

It was so much fun reliving the moments I took the pictures from below. I do warn you, there are a lot! I'm not sure the count, but this is definitely a picture overload post. Forgive me, though? Thanks. 

In 2011 I focused too much on 'getting the perfect picture', which rarely never happened. I realized my mistake, and so in 2012 I focused on moments, simple beauty, and life. I didn't try to perfect the moment, didn't try to make simplicity complicated, and didn't try to pose life; I just snapped the picture. Granted, I'd make sure the light was good and worked on the pictures a little (I'm a photog, what can you expect?), but I was focusing on memories and simplicity. This year, 2013, life will take a completely different turn and so will my photography. I'm going to Tanzania in May, for six months. I'm not bringing my dslr. That may be somewhat of a shock, but here's the reasons: 1.) I don't want to give the wrong impression; I'm not a rich American with money trees. And that impression could be given with the situation I'll be in over there. 2.) I don't want it stolen. 3.) I'm not going for fun and I'm not going for photography; I'm going to serve God and grow closer to Him. So that being said, I am bringing a camera, it's a small point and shoot, but it shoots great quality. It won't be the same as a dslr, but it's good enough. 

So in 2013, my focus for photography is, along with the stuff from last year, people. I want to work more my photography of people and sports, and I hope to get some opportunities before May, and of course lots while in Tanzania. Hopefully I'll be a well-grounded photographer by the time I am twenty. :) 

With all that said about this year's excitement, don't worry I'm keeping this site updated (not sure how much, exactly, while in Africa) and am open for photoshoots until May. :) Now I'll stop rambling and let you see what are my favorites from last year...fashionably late. But hey, Feb. 1st is better than never. 

xo, Sveta