Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a list of twenty-thirteen

It's February. Tomorrow marks half way through the month! How could 2013 be flying by so quickly? So many things have happened throughout this year. There's already been memories made, trips taken, books finished. Oh, so much! So here's a little list. [Just because I love lists] of twenty-thirteen and everyday blessings. 

--Read two books in the first week of the year.
--One of those has been on my 'to-read' list for over a year! 
--A little sister turned 13 (how is she that old already?)
--A big sister came home for a visit from college, already.
--That big sister brought home some great people too!
--Hikes, to warm up and get exercise
--70 degrees, rain, ice, and snow. In that order, in four days.
--Reminiscing over childhood adventures
--Saw a tiny, little human being come into this world
--Road trip to Michigan, with great friends
--Youth retreat; the purpose of said road trip
--Growing closer to God
--Reading the Bible more, and looking deeper into it
--Craft projects with the siblings, just for fun
--Homeschool days, and learning to cook new things
--Learning to trust, God and people
--Summit lectures
--Bike-rides on Saturday mornings
--Listing to said lectures during said bikeride
--Being challenged to live deeper in Christ
--Being thankful everyday, no matter what (my 2013 goal)

The list could go on, and on. I'll stop there, though, and let you see what random pictures I have to share with you! 

xo, Sveta