Friday, February 8, 2013

A Beautiful Prayer

My Lord and my God,
I desire always and am here only to do your will.
I am what you’ve made me.

Thank you for your love
and the love of everyone you’ve given me.
By your freely given grace alone do I function.

Teach me Love, Humility and Compassion.
Forgive me my abundant sins.
Help me overcome temptation and though I miss the mark,
guide me back, help me climb,
lift me up into the outstreched arms of your supreme sacrifice.

Know I am striving to rest forever in your love,
and grant that my striving is emough.

(By: Dean White)
This poem was written by a dear friend of ours who passed away last year to cancer. He lived a life of love and compassion. Dean is an inspiration to me to always trust God with His plans, and live everyday for Him. I ran across this prayer he wrote and thought I'd share it. It's one that I'm going to start praying, and you all are welcome to also! I'm actually currently writing a post about prayer, so be on the lookout for that in the next couple weeks. 

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