Monday, January 28, 2013

Jonny-boy; who's growing up so fast

Friends, I'm going to introduce you to the little getting big Jonny-boy. He's smart and handsome and the baby. Though he will argue on that (being the baby...). This kid loves people around him, and genuinely cares. He randomly comes up to one of us and will ask if we need help. Naturally I think it's cute and all, but I try not to forget to thank him much for being considerate; he's learning a good trait of a man. And then I go tell all my friends about my awesome little brother. 

This kid loves to create, whether it be a cardboard house for the cat or a picture painted with egg yolk paint. Everyday I see him long to strive for good, and he really loves God. His dimples show big when he smiles, and his sisters just love to tease him about it; but deep down we all really like them. And his laughter is the best medicine for any of us. 

If someone is having a rough day, Jonny-boy is just so thoughtful. He'll be quiet, and play by himself; but every time I see this it makes me want to go run and laugh and be a little kid with him outside. But even if that's what he wants, he listens to Mommy when she says it's time to read a book. And he does love to read too. 

Now, granted, there's some rough edges in him. He doesn't always obey, carrying in the daily amount of firewood and putting dishes away are probably his dreaded jobs...and he'll let us know, but deep down this kid is such a great little brother. I'd never ask for any other. 

xo, Sveta