Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Walking on Water | Loving God With Our Whole Being

Pardon moi for the random-ness or 'rabbit trails' of this post. I tried to keep it all [somewhat] on topic and make a good point in the end. I've started this post three times, each time deleting every word not quite knowing what to write. Here I go again, trying to get some inspiration out. It's not that God hasn't been working in my life in the past weeks; quite the opposite, actually. It is hard to put into words that make sense sometimes. 

I really love this picture (below) I took on vacation last week. A young girl running into the crashing waves, and sea-gulls starting their ascent into the heavens. This lighting is just right, the clouds are perfect. It has the glorious morning light, though you cannot see the sun - you know it has risen just hours before from the way the light shines in. Christianity is like that sometimes, you cannot see God per-say, but you simply know He is there, just from what we see in the nature or life's experiences. I like the little conversation, from a movie called 'August Rush', that is between a young boy, August, and older man, Wizard. It goes something like this: (talking about music all around us.) August asks, "And only some of us can hear it?" Wizard's reply was: "Only some of us are listening." This can be applied to our Christian faith. People talk about God not listening to them, or them 'just not hearing God speaking'. God is all around us; He is bigger than the universe; He is everywhere. Another way to put it is, "Where is He not?" God speaks to every one of us, in some way, shape, or form; but, maybe we just aren't listening. 

"Well," you might say, "I read my Bible every day. I got to church every week." That, my friend, is not what makes you a Christian or hear God speaking. Don't misunderstand me though, God may use these things as a way to speak, but you have to be listening for it. I learned this first-hand, as I read my Bible every day, but never got anything from it. And went to church every week, yet never came home learning anything significant. You have to really want Christ, to get him. You have to put your heart into your faith, to really get faith. Another Wizard quote is, "You gotta love music more than you love food. More than life. More than yourself." You have to love God more than your food. More than your technology. More than your life. You gotta love God with your whole being - heart, soul, mind, and strength. Christianity transforms you, and it's a free gift. It's well worth eternal life to love God. All you have to do is love Him, for real and certain. And He will transform you like never before. It won't be easy, though, but completely worth it. Jesus is so amazing. 

So to tie it all up, and bring us back to where we started: this picture? It shows courage and faith. The little girl is going to run into that roaring ocean without fear of being swallowed up, because she knows she will not. She's going to'walk on the water', step out of her comfort zone, and live life to the fullest. I desire to know Christ better and better every day. I'm going to step outside of my comfort zone, live life to the fullest, and with all my being live for Jesus. People say it's impossible to walk on water, but I disagree. I'm going to take the leap of faith and 'walk on water'. How about you?


  1. Yes, I will also take the step of faith and 'walk on water' with God's grace to give me strength and courage. Love you lots, Sveta - Momma

  2. that is really good