Saturday, November 17, 2012

Simply An Ordinary Christian

"Wurmbrand has brought into the universal Church a new dimension, reminding it about the martyrs." -Church Times, London

"Wurbrand is anew St. John the Baptist...a voice crying in the wilderness." -Christianity Today, USA

"Except for the Bible, nothing has shaken me like Wurmbrand's Tortured for Christ. It is a message of the century. Even more: since the persecution of Christians by Nero, it is the most powerful act of Martyrs."-Dr. Kurt Koch

My Dad has told me a few times in the past months that I should read one of Richard Wurmbrand's books titiled, The Oracles of God. I was putting it off, reading this or that. But last night I crawed into bed ready to continue reading Let Me Be a Woman, by Elizabeth Elliot, (Great book, by the way, a must read for every lady in the universe!) and realized I had left it at the house. (I sleep at my Grandma's house.) "Ahh...I'll just go to sleep a little early," I thought, igoring Wurmbrand's book by my bed, "The extra will be really nice, actually." Then tonight when I was ready to contine on in Elliot's book, yeah, you guessed it, I had still forgotten to bring it over to the cabin. Eyeing Wurmbrand's book, I thought, this time "Okay. I'll check it out, but this is annoying. I want to finish all the other though-provoking books I've started." So I opened the cover, and began reading the first couple pages: quotes people said about Wurmbrand. From them, I concluded, that he is a really amazing, God-fearing, Warrior-Poet man. Well, I already knew that, but it was stil fun reading them. (Actually, I think I met him when I was a baby. I know I at least met his wife because there's a picture of her holdin me, but that's a different story.) But what caught my attention was the last quote, by Wurmbrand himself: "What I have to say about myself is much simpler: I am an ordinary Christian who lived in very unusual circumstances." He wasn't out to get any fame, he wasn't out to please man. He was simply out to follow Christ with his all. He learned something many of us only grasp in a small way, and that is to love. It wasn't any kind of love though, it was to love God with every part of himself, and the side affect of that was to love all of God's creations. We can never truly love until we love God with everything we are, and Wurmbrand saw this and really loved Christ. Richard Wurmbrand was simply and ordinary Christian living for the Glory of God. Now that takes an extra-ordinary man. And you know what? You can be one too.


  1. Yes, I remember meeting Sabina Wurmbrand and how she held you in her arms. This was like a living Saint holding you. What a blessing you received as an infant!!! Love you lots, Momma

  2. I read that book. Micah let me borrow it. It really is amazing! It is awesome that his wife held you when you were little! I love what you wrote at the end about how we can be like him too. =)