Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Wild
My wild little siblings. :) Noo..the stove wasn't hot yet. In fact, since its a soapstone you can pretty much lean up against it all the time. And it keeps the house really warm. Nice deal, huh? 

2. Welcome
Welcome to the weather of wood fires. We don't use any electric heat, and for a couple weeks now we've had the cook stove going. Just this week, though, I started the first fire (and my first one of this year) in the big stove (pictured above). I love starting fires and hearing the wood cracking...

3. Adventure
This little guy is one of my favorite people in the world. He and I have been 'buddies' since the day he was born. (Although last night he left me for his dad saying he had a new buddy.) Anyways, he's my boss' families littlest boy...and life is full of adventure with this redhead around!

4. Vibrant
I did my first pinterest project. Mod-podge leaves in a mason jar and put a candle in. The light give such a vibrant color with the bright leaves.

5. Classic
Dr. Seuss is such a classic writer. I'll never tire reading his books. One of my friends nick-names is Kat, and when I put together her folder for the Christmas play this year I couldn't resist drawing The Kat in the Hat on it. :)

On a different note: I started a blog for my writing. I don't really like to put long articles on here since it's more for photography, but I hope you'll check it out sometime:
Feel free to comment with your thoughts on my articles, and agree or disagree. I always love a good debate. :) Be blessed. -Sveta D.

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