Friday, November 9, 2012

Give Thanks | Part Uno

Dear God,
I just want to take a moment,
not to ask you for anything, 
but to say
 Thank You
 for all I have.

I know it's a cliche thing in the month of November to do a 'what-i'm-thankful-for-today'. It's great to remember to give thanks, but really, we should do this everyday. Maybe that'll be a New Years resolution for me: To be thankful everyday, and tell people, not just in the month of November. But you know how resolutions go...hey though, I think the first will be to actually do the resolutions. [smile] Anyways, instead of posting everyday on facebook, I'm going to post on hear every Friday of November. (Didn't do last Friday because it was only the second day of the month...) What are you thankful for? Take a moment, and think about it. 

November 1: Early mornings working on the farm. I am not a person that likes to get out of bed in the morning, but when I do, and have a quiet hour all to myself, I love it. So all summer long when I had to get up earlier to be at work by 8am, I despised it. But in the end, I kind of liked having a reason to get up. The mornings are so beautiful! Especially during Autumn. 

November 2: My dad's work office, and his boss who lets me use it so I don't have to bike four miles to work. I love to bike, but its so much more convenient to go to work with Dad and sit in his office to do school, blog, etc... before I head off to work at 10:30. It's onle a 15 minute walk. Anyways, I'm so thankful for the use of the office twice a week.

November 3: A good job, great employers, and yummy food. That basically describes my job at the restaurant. God gave me the job when I needed it, and I'm ever so thankful. 

November 4: This song, and the Piano Guys: 

November 5: Another good job, with another great employer, and maybe the co-workers aren't so bad either. :) My second job this summer ended on Monday; it was working at an organic farm. I learned a lot this summer working there, and wouldn't trade the experience/lessons for anything. 

November 6: For the freedom in the country to vote, even if I do think that the electoral college needs to be booted out because it's not really needed anymore. But it is a huge privilege to vote. (although, I'm too young to yet...)

November 7: My sister, and long phone conversations with her while she's away at college. This girl is a huge blessing in my life. Probably more than she knows. (so hey, Anna, if you read this...thanks for being you.) We may not see the same on some things, but we'll always be sisters and friends, for life. 

November 8: My parents. My facebook status last night was this: 'God knew what He was doing when he gave me the parents he did; no one else I know would/will love me like them, listen like them, and stand by my side in what I believe strongly about. I love them so much.' Pretty much sums it all up.

November 9: Coffee. 'nuff said. Oh wait, and fresh cream. 

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