Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | 10.14.12

Hey there! I'm back, friends. I won't rant on and on today because I've got quite a bit of work waiting for me. So keeping it short here. :) Hope you enjoy the pictures! 

Oh, and I mentioned something about this last night, but I thought I'd say it again...I'm going to be starting a series called Observing Beauty. Basically, once a month, I'd do a post of little, random, simple, normally unnoticeable, *insert here any other descriptive word you can think of*, etc...things. Observing beauty in overlooked places. Take, for instance, the picture below. It's just a leave on the driveway. Usually you wouldn't stop and take a picture of that. (Unless you're me, haha!) Would any of you be interested in participating in this? If I can get enough people interested then I'll make a once-a-month blog hop out of it. If not, I'll do it all by my lonely self. Wait, I'm not lonely...:) I've got sweet blog friends who like to do blog hops, right?! 

1. Water
From the archives...but it's a pretty cool pic!

 2. Faithful
This little guy very faithfully takes his puppy everywhere his Mom will let him. 

 3. Then and Now
A picture from Spring, and now one from Fall...

 4. Fingertips
I think this picture has been on here before, but I really like it. It represents a hard worker...

 5. Something from the Fall Bucket List
I think it's pretty obvious which one I picked (or actually photographed. haha!). Read a book. I come from a  family of avid readers. My sister defiantly inherited a little more of it than I did. This picture was taken in our 'library'...half of it anyways. Which reminds me, I really need to organize it...another day. ;) I love to read too, and just finished reading a book called "If I Perish". Wow. can I say it again? WOW. Such an amazing story of a Christian from Korea during the time when the Japanese were controlling Korea. It's so cool to watch her faith grow/mature during the course of her time in Prison. She had such faith and love. It's worth buying and least twice. :) 

Well, I've got a friend here to help out with a writing project. So I best get off of here. Be blessed, friends.

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