Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Basketball and ramblings...

Last week I took pictures of the Church League game in our area. I'm typically not a huge fan of watching sports, but it is different when you're actually watching people you know play. Hopefully we'll get to go again before the league is up. Plus, I really enjoyed getting some good action shots. How about you? Do you like sports? Which ones? Basketball is probably my favorite, although it's also fun to watch volleyball. As far as playing them, uuhhh....not me. :) Ultimate Frisbee is a ton of fun though. That's pretty much the only sport I play. (Look it up, it really is a sport.) 

This morning the morning light was way to good to pass up. So I was out for about half hour taking pictures, look for that later in the week. I. Love. Fall. Oh, and the night sky lately? It's spectacular; every. single. night. I wish I could capture it for you. But. I can't...you'll just have to go look at it for yourself. I think just about every night as I walking over to the cabin to go to bed, I get 'awed' by it all. I stop and stare at it for a while...so awesome! How great is our God! 

Be blessed, friends! 

Is it gonna go through?!

Slow motion running -- I've really enjoyed figuring out to get them.
I call this one the 'Ballerina' shot. :)  
I'm not sure that she actually made this shot, but it's a cool picture.
"I want the ball!" Nooo...I do. Noo me! haha.

Ignore the scoreboard. Our team (all the random colors.) is all teens and has only been playing a year vs. most of the other teams have experienced players who have played ten/fifteen years. So we're doing pretty good, if you ask me. :)
Yes. He's got no hands. But he's an amazing basketball player. He's from Afghanistan. His hands were blown off when he picked up a what he thought was a toy and ended up blowing his hands, and one eye, out/off. He's working hard trying to get his wife and son over from Afghanistan. In fact, here's a small video about him:

Keep him in your prayers as he's going through all this. Thank you! And if you feel led to donate anything, there is info at the bottom of the video.

Nice action shot :)
Listen up everyone. Coach is giving good advice.

I really like this one too.
Run for your life!! Haha.
Everybody's having fun. 
Stop! No! Don't let the ball through! (The #4 green shirt is from our team too)
Nice way to end the post. :)

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