Sunday, April 8, 2012

1. New
I made this dress yesterday, so it's about as new as you can get. I had a time of it getting the zipper in, but when I finally figured out how I have decided it's always going to be zipper > buttons. Button holes are annoying. Zippers are [now] easy. :)

2. Life
Without Christ dying on the cross for us, we would be nothing. 

3. Fragrance 
Lilacs. enough said.

4. Pink
This isn't really pink, but it does have a pinkish tint to it, and she is wearing pink clothes. So it's going to count, okay? :) More pictures from this un-planned photoshoot of our new Easter outfits.

5. Obvious 
Is it not obvious that all of the above are siblings?! That's me in the top left, Irina (12) bottom left, Susanna (10) in the middle, and Jonathan (8) on the right. Anna (in college) and Ethan (no pics) are the only ones missing. But just imagine Susanna and Jonathan both 11 years older and you'll have an idea of what Anna and Ethan look like. :) 

Have a Blessed Easter!
~Sveta D.

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