Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Before you keep going, I must warn all: This post is completely r.a.n.d.o.m.

I took this picture yesterday afternoon around 4:30 PM. My original intention was to get a shot of a pretty rainbow in the sky, but the rainbow was gone when I got my camera out. So...I went ahead and shot. I captured the warm sunlight after a rain. And I love it. (Almost as much as the rainbow)

Today, also around 4:30, I shot this picture. Notice the drastic weather change?! I also really like this picture. It's not perfect, and sometimes it's hard for me to deal with that, but I'm learning to love the imperfections of life. 

                                    R igh now my little bro and I are the only one's at home.
  A nd all is pretty quiet.
                      N ever once in my life have I gone hunting.
D ancing is great fun.
                          O nly an awesome person would read this blog.
     M y followers are the best! 

Okay, back to that imperfection problem I have? It took a lot for me to post this picture on here. It's my family, and there's not a thing wrong with them. I'd post a pic of them any day. But those squinty eyes? Lighting? Smile-less people? That's what hard on my eyes.

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