Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections of 2011

Prepare for a major photo dump!

1. Me!
There you have it. A picture of's a year old (no snow this year) but who cares. It's me. I posted this on Facebook yesterday morning and thought that it was appropriate to share with this picture. 
"I love looking at this past year, reflecting on the beauty and grittiness of it. I've grown -- as a photographer, musician and young woman. My faith has been stretched and grown. I am far beyond perfect, but am ever so grateful that God has given me this year and I look forward to the coming one. I am ready to take on 2012 and strive to be more like Christ."
This year many things have happened: My sis went to college, I took family pictures and got paid for it, I took senior pictures, I went to an awesome camp -where my faith in Christ grew- for the first time, my braces finally came off, etc...but what am I most proud of accomplishing? Shooting my first wedding, at age 15. That was pretty amazing.

2. I Love You
I love my sisters. There is one missing in this picture, but I love her too. :) 

3. Still Laughing...
At a baby shower we went to they asked this question...there was a table of the younger girls (15 and under) and we all decided to write things funny and random... "She made me eat my vegetables so I would grow tall." (That was mine, and I guess it worked - I'm 5;8.5") ... "She taught me how to count my toes." ... " She taught me how to change a diaper." ... "She made me wash dishes." ... 
It was probably one of those things that you had to have been there to really think it's funny, but we had everyone laughing. 

4. Winter Wonderland
The only place it snowed around here was in our kitchen. ;)

5. Birthday
My big brother turned 19 this year!

6. Friends
'nuff said.

7. I Was Inspired
This year my dad and I were able to attend the last Rebelution Tour Conference. I was challenged, strengthened, and inspired. 

8. Spring Fever see spring again. New buds, daffodils, and green goodness. I. love. it!

9. Travel or Vacation
I'm sure you all already know about our trip to Canon Beach, but if not check my archives and look at the pictures. It was amazing, fun, hard, beautiful...the list could go on. 

10. Summer Days
Were full of working hard, living, and playing. And swimming. :)

11. A Day in My Life
Right now and for the next couple years, my days are filled with schoolwork. 

12. All Smiles
"Everyone smiles in the same language."

13. Autumn Harvest

14. Family and Home
This is my family, with a few extra people. But I like to consider them all family. :)

15. Celebrate!
Our church has a tradition now to have (after the Easter Vigil service) a big bonfire. Usually all the kids will run/dance around it together. It's such a fun way of celebrating!

16. Let's Do it Again
*sigh* I would love to do this again. 

17. I Miss You
This is my awesome Aunt and Uncle that we got to visit this year. And I miss 'em...

18. Beautiful
Not description needed here. :)

19. Dress Up
My sis and her roommate at college all ready to go to the Ball. So elegant. 

20. Macro
Mommy: "Sveta! Come take a picture of this for me! ..." 
Me: "Ewwww!! Why in the world do I want a picture of a...a...SPIDER?!"
Irina: "Hey! It's coooolll!"
Me: "Whatever." *quickly snaps picture and leaves immediately.*
This is pretty much the how this picture came into being. And now I like it. Guess it's smart to listen to my mom. :)

21. Holidays
Christmas festivities in our home are pretty much centered around Christ. And this manger scene is a highlight.

22. My Favorite
These gardens in WA were beautiful! It was so much fun walking through them. I wished I had a regency dress would have been so much fun! 

23. Don't Ever Change 
And listen up Heather, Anna. That is a command. 

24. Just Because
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

25. Hopes and Dreams
This is my prayer for the new year, and for my life. To become more and more like Christ. 

God Bless! 
Merry {8th day} Christmas, and 
Happy New Year! 

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