Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. What is it?
This one was hard! I don't take such close ups that you have to guess what they are. So I settled with this picture of a picture someone drew for a pictionary game we played a while back year ago. (who cares, is's scavenger "hunt" right? *sheepish grin*) Can you guess what the picture is of?

2. Sleeping Babies
I will admit, this one came from the archives too. But it's who cares about that. ;)

 3. Joy
Does this picture not shout "joy"? To me it does. I love my sister, she's such a joy and blessing in my life. 

 4. Window
I captured the sun coming through the window while we were driving during a sunset. 
It may be taken through a car window, but that's the point of it fitting this category. 
The window may have fingerprints, but that shows that there are kids around.
 The sunset may not be completely visible, but that's because I was in the front and did the best I could.
The picture may not be perfect, but that's because nothing is perfect.
(haha...I tried to make it somewhat poetic.)

5. Half
It's only half of the word, Christmas, but it's the most important half. 'nough said.

Can you believe it? It's the last week of Advent. Christmas is in one week. 2012 is in two weeks. 2011 flew by! And on a more minor note, I turned 16 today. It's seems like yesterday I was 11 and couldn't even imagine being 16 like my big sis (pictured with "joy"). And now I am that age, and it doesn't feel that old. ;) 
I'm sorry for my poor writing and random paragraph. But that's just me. 
I pray that you all have a blessed Sunday, and Christmas season.

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