Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Personal | Cannon Beach {Final Post} Family Portraits

          Our trip to the ocean was one that we will never forget. One night while we were there, I went out in the moonlight and just walked along the water’s edge praying and spending time with the Lord. The ocean just made the evidence of God creating the world even greater. I don’t think the starfish just happened to evolve out of nowhere – they are too amazing for that! Every little sea animal, every rock, everything pointed to God and His love for us. 

          I want to thank Grandpa and Grandma for everything they do and have done for us, and for letting us come visit. We greatly enjoyed out trip! I also want to thank Uncle Joe and Aunt Anne for what they did with us and for us. Y’all are amazing! And thank you to Aunt Amy for her hair-cutting skills. J Love you all!

I love these kids. tons.

Here we are...the KY folk half-way across the country in Oregon!

The End. Of the story...Memories will live on forever. This trip will never be forgotten.

And Then She Snapped, Wild and Wonderful Wednesday, Live and Love Outloud

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