Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Of Christmas Concerts, Sisters, and Dancing

A couple weeks ago I was able to spend a week with my sister in College. I stayed in her dorm, and saw the "fun end of college"...I was never able to go to a class with her. Every time I planned to go to a class, something came up. So anyways, We had fun...and she's got an awesome roommate. :) We stayed up late talking, watched movies, cooked together, studied, hung out with friends, and much more...

When my mom and other sisters dropped me off, we went out for pizza and went to the College's annual Christmas Concert. 

The Bluegrass band was my favorite...

There was several different choirs, but at the end they all joined together to sing a song. My second favorite was the Black Music Ensemble...they are the people wearing black with the purple of top.

One thing we did was finish her learning center. I helped her and others with things like wrapping boxes in paper, printing stuff...just whatever anyone needed. It was fun seeing everybody's stuff. And I even learned a little Chinese. :) (I've been wanting to learn that language for a year or so...hopefully I can take it for school next year)

Here's my sister at a Christmas/Tree decorating part we went to at one of her teacher's houses. We had a lot of fun that night too. Ok. I think we had fun every night. 

My sister is on a Country dance team, and I fortunate to be able to watch one performance on my last day. These last photos were taken there...

I really need to get off of here, so I'm going to close quickly. Bye all! Come again. 

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