Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Favorites

Dear Friends. Welcome! Welcome back. It feels like I haven't posted in forever, but I know it's only been five days. It's been an interesting week. And we had a wonderful Christmas. My sister came home on winter break for three weeks, and I am thoroughly enjoying having her around again. :) She brought back with her an international student from Afghanistan for the whole break. For a few days we also had a sweet young lady from Haiti and a young man from South Korea. So over Christmas we had four different nationalities in our home! Such fun...Well, I'm going quit my rambling and get on with pictures.
Here are a few of my favorite things...

Evergreen Trees,
A warm, cozy fire to sit by,
And making a 3d effects puzzle with my siblings...

Little Shepherd boys in Christmas plays, 
The song "Glory to God in the Highest", 
And this manger scene: (From our Church's play)...

Listening to my cousin read to my sick brother,
Baking new things, 
And homemade peppermint patties...

Meeting new people, 
Dressing up for Christmas, 
And these people:...

Blue eyes, 
Black and white photos, 
And my friends...

Beeswax Candles, 
Lighting the fifth Advent candle...

Road trips with my sister, 
Pottery sales, 
And any sort of pottery...

Shopping at Goodwill, 
Finding pretty tiered skirts at Goodwill, 
Being happy...

Trying new recipes, 
Playing "slap" with friends, 
Trying authentic Afghani food, cooked by an Afghani...

Brown paper packages, 
Sewing aprons, 

Jamming with friends, 
Watching my sister play electric guitar...

French braiding my hair, 
No more braces!!...

Snowflakes on our cabinets, 
A housefull for Christmas, 
Christmas dinner...

friday favorite things | finding joy

And Merry Christmas!!
(There are 12 days of Christmas, you know...)

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