Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Favorites

Dear Friends. Welcome! Welcome back. It feels like I haven't posted in forever, but I know it's only been five days. It's been an interesting week. And we had a wonderful Christmas. My sister came home on winter break for three weeks, and I am thoroughly enjoying having her around again. :) She brought back with her an international student from Afghanistan for the whole break. For a few days we also had a sweet young lady from Haiti and a young man from South Korea. So over Christmas we had four different nationalities in our home! Such fun...Well, I'm going quit my rambling and get on with pictures.
Here are a few of my favorite things...

Evergreen Trees,
A warm, cozy fire to sit by,
And making a 3d effects puzzle with my siblings...

Little Shepherd boys in Christmas plays, 
The song "Glory to God in the Highest", 
And this manger scene: (From our Church's play)...

Listening to my cousin read to my sick brother,
Baking new things, 
And homemade peppermint patties...

Meeting new people, 
Dressing up for Christmas, 
And these people:...

Blue eyes, 
Black and white photos, 
And my friends...

Beeswax Candles, 
Lighting the fifth Advent candle...

Road trips with my sister, 
Pottery sales, 
And any sort of pottery...

Shopping at Goodwill, 
Finding pretty tiered skirts at Goodwill, 
Being happy...

Trying new recipes, 
Playing "slap" with friends, 
Trying authentic Afghani food, cooked by an Afghani...

Brown paper packages, 
Sewing aprons, 

Jamming with friends, 
Watching my sister play electric guitar...

French braiding my hair, 
No more braces!!...

Snowflakes on our cabinets, 
A housefull for Christmas, 
Christmas dinner...

friday favorite things | finding joy

And Merry Christmas!!
(There are 12 days of Christmas, you know...)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” 
Isaiah 9:6

Friday, December 23, 2011

Candle of Faith

I will always light my candle of faith again...oh yeah. 
I will always light my candle of faith again. 

Sometimes this world tries to bring me down, 
Tries to turn me aside, tries to turn me around. 
But I won't stay out here too long, 
I'll come running back to you.
Singing this song...

I will always light my candle of faith again...oh yeah, 
I will always light my candle of faith again. 

Sometimes satan tries to make me doubt, 
Tries to tell me some lies, tries to turn me about. 
But I won't stay out here in this chilly, cold night.
I'll come running back to the warmth of your light. 

I will always light my candle of faith again...oh yeah, 
I will always light my candle of faith again. 

And I will draw close to God, 
and He will always light my candle of faith again. Oh, yeah. 
He will always light my candle of faith again. 

(Lyrics by: Paula L. [our neighbor])

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Of Christmas Concerts, Sisters, and Dancing

A couple weeks ago I was able to spend a week with my sister in College. I stayed in her dorm, and saw the "fun end of college"...I was never able to go to a class with her. Every time I planned to go to a class, something came up. So anyways, We had fun...and she's got an awesome roommate. :) We stayed up late talking, watched movies, cooked together, studied, hung out with friends, and much more...

When my mom and other sisters dropped me off, we went out for pizza and went to the College's annual Christmas Concert. 

The Bluegrass band was my favorite...

There was several different choirs, but at the end they all joined together to sing a song. My second favorite was the Black Music Ensemble...they are the people wearing black with the purple of top.

One thing we did was finish her learning center. I helped her and others with things like wrapping boxes in paper, printing stuff...just whatever anyone needed. It was fun seeing everybody's stuff. And I even learned a little Chinese. :) (I've been wanting to learn that language for a year or so...hopefully I can take it for school next year)

Here's my sister at a Christmas/Tree decorating part we went to at one of her teacher's houses. We had a lot of fun that night too. Ok. I think we had fun every night. 

My sister is on a Country dance team, and I fortunate to be able to watch one performance on my last day. These last photos were taken there...

I really need to get off of here, so I'm going to close quickly. Bye all! Come again. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. What is it?
This one was hard! I don't take such close ups that you have to guess what they are. So I settled with this picture of a picture someone drew for a pictionary game we played a while back year ago. (who cares, is's scavenger "hunt" right? *sheepish grin*) Can you guess what the picture is of?

2. Sleeping Babies
I will admit, this one came from the archives too. But it's who cares about that. ;)

 3. Joy
Does this picture not shout "joy"? To me it does. I love my sister, she's such a joy and blessing in my life. 

 4. Window
I captured the sun coming through the window while we were driving during a sunset. 
It may be taken through a car window, but that's the point of it fitting this category. 
The window may have fingerprints, but that shows that there are kids around.
 The sunset may not be completely visible, but that's because I was in the front and did the best I could.
The picture may not be perfect, but that's because nothing is perfect.
(haha...I tried to make it somewhat poetic.)

5. Half
It's only half of the word, Christmas, but it's the most important half. 'nough said.

Can you believe it? It's the last week of Advent. Christmas is in one week. 2012 is in two weeks. 2011 flew by! And on a more minor note, I turned 16 today. It's seems like yesterday I was 11 and couldn't even imagine being 16 like my big sis (pictured with "joy"). And now I am that age, and it doesn't feel that old. ;) 
I'm sorry for my poor writing and random paragraph. But that's just me. 
I pray that you all have a blessed Sunday, and Christmas season.

Friday, December 9, 2011

To Be More Like Thee {poem}

I wrote this poem a few nights ago as I was going to sleep, the next day I remembered it and jotted it down, fixed it up some, and the rest is history. :) I thought the picture went well with it too...
*changing topic* Tonight I will attend my first ever Christmas Ball. Pictures (I hope) to come later!
You all have a blessed weekend.
~Sveta D.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


"A beautiful thing is never perfect."

(Photo credit: my nine year old sister)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Personal | Cannon Beach {Final Post} Family Portraits

          Our trip to the ocean was one that we will never forget. One night while we were there, I went out in the moonlight and just walked along the water’s edge praying and spending time with the Lord. The ocean just made the evidence of God creating the world even greater. I don’t think the starfish just happened to evolve out of nowhere – they are too amazing for that! Every little sea animal, every rock, everything pointed to God and His love for us. 

          I want to thank Grandpa and Grandma for everything they do and have done for us, and for letting us come visit. We greatly enjoyed out trip! I also want to thank Uncle Joe and Aunt Anne for what they did with us and for us. Y’all are amazing! And thank you to Aunt Amy for her hair-cutting skills. J Love you all!

I love these kids. tons.

Here we are...the KY folk half-way across the country in Oregon!

The End. Of the story...Memories will live on forever. This trip will never be forgotten.

And Then She Snapped, Wild and Wonderful Wednesday, Live and Love Outloud

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dereck and Samantha | Wedding

To view the rest of the album CLICK HERE

Pumpkin Pie and Butterhorn Rolls

I know you've already seen these pictures, but I just had to make your mouth water again. ;) And enter this photography contest. 

P.S. Nela, the button would not work for some reason. So I hope it counts with just the link above...and let me know if you get the button working so I can put it on here...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Personal | Cannon Beach {Part 7} Wednesday

           Mid-morning Wednesday, we said goodbye to the Cannon Beach, and set off in the “Clubhouse” to go to our “home away from home”. It was a long ten hour drive, but the stop for lunch, and another stop at Multnomah Falls in Oregon made the trip seem shorter. I think those were the most beautiful and biggest falls I have seen. More evidence of the wonderful Creator we serve! We arrived home around seven p.m. and set out to un-pack and cook supper – actually it was Mommy who cooked the delicious supper, thank you, Mommy! Not too long after us, Grandma and Grandpa arrived home.

.:Multnomah Falls:.

My brother and two young sisters. <3