Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Personal | Cannon Beach {Part 5} Monday and Tuesday Morning

           On Monday morning Irina and I wanted to walk around downtown Cannon Beach, and Aunt Anne decided that she wanted to go with us. So we set out for a fun “Aunt/Niece” time…going to the tiny, two store mall, wonderful smelling candy shop, an antique shop, a quaint, little used books store, a Christmas store where Irina wanted to turn on every noise making thing in it J, and lots of other places. Meanwhile, Susanna and Jonathan had a great time flying a kite on the windy beach for the first time in their life. Just seeing the joy in their little faces makes one wish to be a little again! 

On the left is the mall. Pretty small...the right top is just some cute shops. I loved the "village" feel. And at the right bottom is the quaint little book store. I really like the colors. 

Yep, you guessed it. The candy shop. [smile]

Security camera + me + my camera = self portrait time. 

          On Tuesday morning Uncle Joe announced that he was going to take us kids to Tillamook, about a forty-five minute drive from Cannon Beach. We set out around ten a.m. The first stop was at Fred Meyers to get something for lunch. Then we found a little secluded beach at the dead end of a road to eat at. It was a beautiful beach with driftwood and lots of wave action. Irina kept bugging Uncle Joe that we could get free wood from the beach instead of buying “five dolla’ wood” for our campfire that evening. He finally gave in, and they all collected two bags of driftwood – which made for a great fire later on. Our next stop was the Cape Meare’s Lighthouse. It was one of the shortest, yet best lighthouses on the Oregon Coast. We were not allowed to climb to the top because of vandalism that happened last year. While we were at the lighthouse, we also visited the “Octopus Tree”, which was at the same place. This tree had eight different “trunks” coming from one trunk – pretty cool! Our trip was concluded with a visit to the Tillamook County Creamery Association. There we saw where they make and package cheese. After watching them do that for a while, and sampling all the different kinds of cheese, Uncle Joe treated us to some of their ahhhmazing ice-cream. So yummy! We arrived back in time for me cook up a quick dinner of Tuna Cheese Casserole – which, I think, everyone enjoyed. J

This is one of my favorite shots from the week.

On the bottom right is the "Octopus Tree". It had eight trunks. 

I hadn't done a Cannon Beach post in a couple weeks, but I figured I should finish up the series. :) There's a couple more posts left. Then we'll be on to Thanksgiving pictures. 

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