Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cannon Beach {Part 4} | Sunday Afternoon

           We kids were ready to get out for a bit, and I wanted to go see a big tree that Daddy told me about; Uncle Joe came to the rescue by taking us to see the world’s largest Sitka Spruce, and then on a walk downtown Seaside. The Spruce tree was pretty cool, but a few years back it was struck by lightning during heavy hurricane winds. The top of the tree fell off, and the middle was chopped down, so the only remaining part was the trunk – and that was still really tall. 

All of us in between the trunk and the part that got struck. 

My beautiful Mom.

My annoying lovely sister. 

I went off on a little walk by my self while the others climbed the tree, and what would I find? None but Nature's Living Room itself. Don't you see it...To the left is a little couch, in the middle is the coffee table, and at the right is another couch. Love it!

           Seaside was a busy town on the Ocean, and with it being the weekend, it was even busier than normal. We walked around, went in a few shops to buy shells, saw the end of the Louis ‘n Clark trail, took pictures, and laughed – laughing is an essential to life. J All in all, it was a well spent afternoon. When we got back the Inn, the kids went on their daily swim. Much time was spent in that indoor, saltwater pool. 

End of the Louis n' Clark Trail. 

This is the only picture I got of Seaside. Sad huh? But hey! There's a cool car!! 


Does she not look like an angel coming up from the water?! Awesome. What great photography skills my Mom has. :)

Well, you all have a great day! I think I have one [maybe two] more Cannon Beach posts, but in between those; you may be seeing some Autumn loveliness and Wedding pictures [!!!!]. ~Sveta 

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