Monday, October 24, 2011

Cannon Beach {Part 3} | Sunday Morning

           Ok Y'all. I really need to apologize. I said I'd post this on Thursday or Friday...and it's Monday evening. My weekend just slipped right by me! I went to see Courageous one day; worked on school, baking, cleaning, etc... another day; took wedding pictures another (!!!!! Post coming soon.); and went to heat the MacDonald Family sing another! Now it's Monday, and I'm finally free to post. 
Hope you enjoy the pictures. Have a great evening!

           At five thirty a.m. Sunday morning, I heard a knock at the door and remembered that I was supposed to up and ready to go on a walk on the beach with Uncle Joe! So with coffee in hand, and my camera around my neck, we headed out for a walk down the beach. It was a beautiful morning, and I was able to spend some quality time with Uncle Joe, and get some great pictures.

No caption needed. 

Ahhh...soaking in the Ocean beauty!

My uncle, who went on the walk with me. 


Sea anemones!

Fellow Photographer. :)

King of the Seas! 

The best flying shot I was able to get. 

A duck?

Yours Truly.

We met my Momma and brother, Jonathan, on our way back. 

We had a wonderful mass with the congregation at St. Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church. It reminded me of home, with the small church full of friendly people. It turns out the priest was from Tanzania – near where Daddy goes to teach! We live in a small world. We came back to see Aunt Anne cooking up a storm! French toast, bacon, fresh fruit, and yogurt; what could have been a better Sunday Brunch? We had to say our goodbyes to Aunt Barbara, Kira, and Jalen; but wait! Before they left we ventured out into the cold, windy weather to get a group picture. 

Windy, Windy day!

 Jalen and Jonathan. 
<3 Sisters. <3

The Family Portrait. 
Front (L-R): [Cousin] Kiera, [sister] Susanna, [brother] Jonathan, [cousin] Jalen, [sister] Irina. 
Back (L-R): [Aunt] Barbara, Grandpa, Mom, [Uncle] Joe, [Aunt] Anne, Grandma, and Me. 


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