Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cannon Beach {Part 2} | Saturday

I'm back with Cannon Beach, part two! I'll let my "journal" and pictures tell you the story. 
           Mommy rose early the next morning to walk along the beach during the sunrise, and when the little kids finally got up they were quite upset mommy did not wake them at 6am! I reminded them that they did, indeed, need those extra hours of sleep, and there would be many more early morning available for sunrise walks. After breakfast Mommy and the kids went outside to play on the beach while Aunt Anne and I went to Seaside to do some grocery shopping. Of course we needed those marshmallows and candy corn, I mean come on….who could live without those!? J We were greeted by my dear Aunt Barbara when we walked in the door. It had been three years since we’d seen her and her children, so it was nice to see her smiling face again. That afternoon was spent on the beach playing with Aunt Barbara, Kira, Jalen, and Uncle Joe. We enjoyed playing Frisbee, running along the water line, digging holes in the sand, building sandcastles, and catching up with each other. 

My sister, Irina, and brother, Jonathan, looking for beach treasures. 

Mom playing the banjo...

The *very* important candy... [smile]

I had gone out on a walk to the Haystack Rock by myself that morning. And I absolutely love this picture I took. 

Along the way I met my sisters, Irina and Susanna, dancing on the ocean-side. What fun!

This is one of my favorite shots from that week!

Another one of my favorites, I love how the picture is one color, yet different colors at the same time.

Beach treasures. :)

Playing with Aunt Barbara...

Sand Creations.


Irina and me. 

By the looks of it, my sister didn't have much time to deal with her hair that day...and she wanted it out the of the way...

Haystack Rock

Writing in the sand with your toes. *Love it!*

One of the other favorites...stretch your imagination. What does it look like? Ships sailing in the sea??

My cousin, Jalen enjoying the [freezing] cold water!

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised.
Psalm 113:3

Well, that's it for today...which was your favorite? Look for another Beach post on Friday!


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