Thursday, August 25, 2011

The M. Family

I was able to do my first family portraits a couple weeks ago! The M. family was so much fun to work with. Thanks for working with me! Also, last week the S. family had me do their portraits too. So another post is coming up with them. :)

Davey's 044

Davey's 043
Mother and Son [love]

Davey's 047

Davey's 056

Davey's 050
Is he not the most adorable baby ever?!
Davey's 051

Davey's 053

Davey's 061
Davey's 068

Davey's 071

Davey's 074

Davey's 075
Don't you just love the bigger boy's look?
Davey's 085
D. (on the left) was determined to get M. (on the right) to look at the camera...

Davey's 089

Davey's 091

Davey's 048

Davey's 045
Such a beautiful family. 

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