Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YOU are in the Mission Field

Regina Senior 056

ye into all the world, and preach the gospel
Mark 16:15

When you read this passage, you are probably thinking:  "Go into all the world...that means go to the poor, the Islamic nations, the Hindu, the Buddhist, etc... That is not for me, but if you feel called to go, then go." But, wait! God may not have called you to go overseas to share His love, but He did call you to share His love where you are. Do you ever think: Home is the mission field God place me in? Here is where I need to share. Here is where I need to befriend the drug addicts and friend-less. Just because you aren't going to Africa or Asia, doesn't mean you can't be a missionary. Other people may not see you befriending a neighbor in need of Christ, but God does. That is all that matters. So I challenge you today, to be a missionary where you are. God put you there for a reason! 

P.S. I'm entering this photo into: "Of shadows and silhouettes" Photography Contest HERE and HERE.

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