Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seasons of a Treeman

Seasons of a Treeman 

Like a tree in the spring,
Blooming buds and signs of joy.
So were you, dear friend,
Putting joy in every girl and boy.

Like a tree in the summer,
Always giving fruit, delicious and sweet.
So were you, dear friend,
Always giving to those offbeat.

Like a tree in the fall,
Changing colors and adding beauty.
So were you, dear friend.
Changing lives and adding love.

Like a tree in the winter,
Dying out, ready for a new year.
So are you, dear friend,
Dead in flesh, alive in spirit,
Ready for a new life.

---------Svetlana Dunlap

In memory of "Grandpa" Bill Anacker, 12-8-1917 to 4-13-2011. There were so many memories shared with him...his pebble room (a room with bunks and pebbles on the floor), raking leaves, going to the Chinese Restaurant or the buffet pizza place and bringing home crusts for the dog, rocking loud gospel music while cruising down the road, getting carpet from dumpsters and putting it on the garden (to keep weeds down) ;), seeing how high we could go after jumping off the 20 ft ladder to swing, sitting above him on the bar of the hammock swing while watching the nightly Jerpardy show at 7... "Ice cream, is good for the soul" one of his favorite sayings...But best of all that he loved people so much...and trees. Bill really lived a full life and I hope at the end of my days...I will have lived a life like Bill did - for others.

My dad also wrote a poem about him years ago. You can see it HERE.

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