Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rose are Pink

159 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Roses are red pink,

159 - Copy

Violets Roses are blue pink.

If I would pick a flower follower,

159 - Copy - Copy

I'd pick YOU! *smile*

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday {Siblings}


This weeks Happy Monday challenge is siblings...and I happen to have the world's best sisters. :)
 (Though I'm pretty sure all of you are gonna disagree and say yours are're wrong!)
Aren't they perty? This was taken on the way to church Easter morning. Yes, we get to walk through the woods to church! Isn't that awesome?! Especially during the spring...winter isn't as much fun going up and down the ravine. Enough of my rambling! Happy Monday to you all!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Proverbs 31:10


While I know most people will be posting about the Resurrection, I didn't have time to put anything together for week you might see one though. ;) 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring | Iris Buds


"I think it's here - here to stay 
I saw an Iris yesterday!
Its' colors bright - A lovely thing
That's what I call Spring."

~Yours Truly 


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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homeschool Convention & Cincinnati Buildings

Last year my sister and I were able to go to the Midwest Homeschool Convention with our Aunt and Uncle. We came home telling our parents that our whole family should go next (this) year! Things worked out and we were able to! It was an amazing conference...but I'll let the pictures {and captions} tell the story. 

P.S. Lucia is having another giveaway HERE and HERE.

P.S.S. Olivia is having a giveaway HERE.

It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive for us to get to Cincinnati, just long enough that we can call it a "trip." :) On trips in our van there is always someone reading {and telling everyone to be quiet}, someone talking to Daddy, someone sleeping, someone taking pictures, and someone smiling {or not} at the camera. 
I wanted to get a picture of the "Welcome to Ohio" sign, but thought I didn't get any. Then when I was going though my pictures I noticed that I had one....I took this because I wanted one of going into the city. :)
We had to park at the top of the parking garage the first day and I had forgot my camera! The view was sooo cool and my family was nice to park at the top again the next day so I could get pictures. :)

My sista and I

Talk about people everywhere! Over 4500 families participated in the Convention, it was so encouraging to see that many homeschoolers. It didn't make me feel so alone. :)
This was a really awesome seminar taught by a really awesome speaker. (John Stonetreet)
The building on the right is where the convention was held.
There is art is everything, just not everybody sees it. 
Entering this into Black and White Wednesday.

The Atheist Challenge was Sean McDowell pretending that he was an atheist and the crowd could question him about "being and atheist." Later he spoke about how to answer and atheist, the tactics they like to use, etc...
By my sister, Anna.
My sister with our friend's baby. 

Jim Weiss is an amazing storyteller.
View from the second story.
Arte. Τέχνη. אמנות. 芸術. Искусство. கலை. Sanat. ART.

So many books! So much Information! Talk about an information overload that weekend!
Michelle and Jill Duggar.
The Duggar family playing music. Their music was truly beautiful!

Art 1
Art 2
Art 3...can guess what's gonna be next?
...Yep! Art 4. ;) But don't you think this is really cool?!
Art 5

Because I know you wanted to see the baby again. *smile*
The cathedral we went to for Sunday morning Mass. This was just one side of the church!
I couldn't resist posting this. *smile*
 Putting "makeup" (chalk) on. 

Ahh...Spring. [ I was gonna put "Art" *smile*]
Sweet Sisters
Group picture. (We stayed with some friends)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seasons of a Treeman

Seasons of a Treeman 

Like a tree in the spring,
Blooming buds and signs of joy.
So were you, dear friend,
Putting joy in every girl and boy.

Like a tree in the summer,
Always giving fruit, delicious and sweet.
So were you, dear friend,
Always giving to those offbeat.

Like a tree in the fall,
Changing colors and adding beauty.
So were you, dear friend.
Changing lives and adding love.

Like a tree in the winter,
Dying out, ready for a new year.
So are you, dear friend,
Dead in flesh, alive in spirit,
Ready for a new life.

---------Svetlana Dunlap

In memory of "Grandpa" Bill Anacker, 12-8-1917 to 4-13-2011. There were so many memories shared with him...his pebble room (a room with bunks and pebbles on the floor), raking leaves, going to the Chinese Restaurant or the buffet pizza place and bringing home crusts for the dog, rocking loud gospel music while cruising down the road, getting carpet from dumpsters and putting it on the garden (to keep weeds down) ;), seeing how high we could go after jumping off the 20 ft ladder to swing, sitting above him on the bar of the hammock swing while watching the nightly Jerpardy show at 7... "Ice cream, is good for the soul" one of his favorite sayings...But best of all that he loved people so much...and trees. Bill really lived a full life and I hope at the end of my days...I will have lived a life like Bill did - for others.

My dad also wrote a poem about him years ago. You can see it HERE.