Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update #3 from my Dad

Dear friends and family,

May the peace of Christ be with you.

We have completed the second full week of teaching here in Mwanza.  It has been a very busy and good week here.  We have been studying "The foundations of sacred scripture", a course which examines the history of how we got the Bible, some basic elements of Bible study, and an overview of each book of the Bible.  The class continued to be very attentive and "came with me" very well.

Last week I mentioned that what they lacked in knowledge, they made up for in enthusiasm. However, I should make it clear that the students know their Bible very well and are very sharp.  If I accidentally misquoted a verse or contradicted myself, they would catch it immediately and point it out.  This was good, for it meant I had to stay alert!

I must give the Lord credit for all the arrangements He has made.  I feel that it has not been my efforts that have made the classes go so well.  I have been blessed greatly with Pastor Danson's help in interpretation.  I could not have asked for a better assistant.  He worked hard and always had a good attitude.  I noticed recently that we have learned to work together very smoothly.  His interpretations into Kiswahili have become a natural extension of my own words in English.  Also, it is much easier to be a good teacher when the students are so eager to learn. 

At this point our plans are to travel with Bishop Kwangu to Geita on this Saturday to join Fr. Francis.  He has finished teaching his class there.  We will stay to attend church on Sunday morning and return together to Mwanza that afternoon.  Fr. Francis will be joining me for my final day of teaching on Monday.  Tuesday will be a day of goodbyes and preparation for our return.  Wednesday morning we will begin our long journey homeward.  I expect to be home next Saturday evening. 

The weather has been very pleasant.  It has rained several times and as a result, got down to about 75 degrees a few times.  I noticed at that point, some of the people here began to put on their sweaters!  I had to reasure them that I did not feel cold at all.  I told you before about eating a fishhead.  I told you that just because it was the most dramatic thing I ate!  (I have actually eaten six fish with heads so far, but I was not under any pressure to eat the heads.)  The food here has been quite good actually.  Mostly rice, potatoes, veggies, greens, tomato soup, beef or chicken, and fruit.  I don't want to scare off any potential missionary teachers!  I have recieved great care here and the people I have had contact with have all been very friendly and helpful.

Once again, thank you for your interest and prayers.  God is at work and it has been a very good trip so far.  I hope to send out a final report after I arrive home.

Peace,  Nathan D.

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