Saturday, January 22, 2011

Macro Friday and an Answer :)

trains 078
Here's my Macro Friday Saturday photo for this week. I was sick yesterday and didn't get on the computer all day. I'm starting to feel better now, but I would like a prayer said that I will get 100% better. Thank you. Now for the definition of that word | hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia means: Fear of Long Words. Would you have guessed that?!? Well, apparently you didn't ;-). BTW, it's not in the dictionary, but in Wikipedia. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Macro Friday and a Question

I know the blog has been a bit quiet; I've had a slow internet connection all week. :(  Now I'm back home, (I was at my grandma's with my sister all week) I have a good internet connection. :) If your wondering what this grandma "collects" these stickers...banana, apple, watermelon, etc...I even saw a milk one! I've got a little big question for you. Can you guess...what hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia means? I'll post the answer sometime next week. Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boys....and Their Cats

Usually, you would say, "Boys and their dogs," But I guess not in our family. :) Even if you don't want/can't do the "Year in Photos" challenge. Please advertise it on your blog. Thanks, Sveta
Thanksgiving 084
I captured this memory in Thanksgiving. It is of my cousin and his 2 new kittens...named Sunrise and Sunset, can you tell then apart?!
Thanksgiving 074
Another cousin with my other (The one above) cousin's 3rd kitten. I love this picture! I think is may be the eyes that are getting me...
december 171
And last, my little brother with our cat. He and "Kitty" are such good friends!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Year in Photos | Photo Challenge!

*Edit: I decided to  leave the link open for the whole month of January, so that you have more time to get your pictures up. :)
I saw someone else who did this and I thought it was cool! So I decided to do one too. :) The Photo Challenge is: Feel free to make your own post of "A Year in Photos" and link up below! Be sure to leave a link back here just in case someone from your blog wants to do it too. (The Link thing will be open for the whole month of January.) It brings back so many fun memories when you do this. :)
We had snow! That is very rare for around here. 
More snow! And walks in the snow. And snowball fight. :)
I looked outside one day and saw this. :) We had just watched the "Fiddler on the Roof" movie a couple days before. 
In March we also met good 'ole Abe Lincoln!
My sister and I went to the Cincinnati Home school Conference with our Aunt and Uncle. We had so much fun! (And our whole family is going this year!)
Spring made it's appearance in April! :)
We went hiking, our old house was burnt down and I had my first photo shoot! 
My sister and I flew to Washington State to visit our grandparents! 
sveta's pics
We spent a week at a lake in northern Washington, went on lots of walks, played games, and much more!
We helped a church with VBS for one week; the theme was Egypt. 
We also had a family vacation in Michigan. We stayed at a lake for a week, went to lake Michigan, visited a HUGE farm, saw many beautiful sunsets and went to the World's second largest crucifix! 
I bought my first DSLR camera and had loads of fun playing around with it. :)
Among many of things, we went caving/hiking. So much fun!
More hiking. A wedding. My first concert! (Sanctus Reel, Leeland and the Afters) And the other part of our church building going up.
Thanksgiving! I think we had too much fun...wait! Is that even possible??!! I also went contra dancing for the first time. And went to my first football game ever. (As you can see, I have done quite a few "firsts" this year!)
We had our annual Christmas play (I would have done a post on it, but I had someone else take the pictures and that first picture was pretty much the only one that turned out). A friend and I made matching skirts for most of the girls at church. It snowed!! On Christmas Eve! Two of my friends wore pj's to the Christmas Eve service. :) Christmas is here! The 5th Advent candle was lit!
We had a white Christmas. :) I had fun making a miniature camera with my sister's clay. We had a small ice storm, and boy was I excited! Ice is so pretty! And last, but certainly NOT least, We celebrated Christ's birth . Glory to God!