Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Curch Building Project part 3

Hey there! How are all my dear blog friends? The church is almost under roof! I think they said there were five more pieces of metal to put on. :) Well, as always, I'll let the pictures 'n captions tell the story. They do a much better job than I. :)

My wonderful Daddy workin' hard.
Kinda artistic?? They are working on the third story here.

And now we skip to the next day...
Dear Rain,
Won't you come after the roof is up? Pretty Please?

The rain didn't listen to us and poored down pretty hard. We had fun sweeping water for a while...
...then someone came up with the idea of a shopvac to suck the water up with...saved the day. :)
Then someone else [after the rain was slowing down] thought of putting these gutter things in so the water wouldn't run down the wall and lead into the church.
"Now why didn't they think of this an hour ago?"
Skip a week or so...finally putting the roof on!
"Hey up there! Smile!"
Well that's all for now. Come back again!


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