Friday, October 22, 2010

"Church Raising" Part 1

Dear Faithful Blog Followers,

You are wondering, "What is the 'Building Project'"? Well, to make a long story short. Our church was started in 2000 in our living room. As our church grew, our living room did not. So, we turned the building that was going to be a wood shop into a church. :) Although it was not very fancy; you would have not guessed that it was meant to be a wood shop. In 2005 we bought some property about 4 miles away and started fixing it up and building a cabin and house. Our church, knowing that we would be selling at some point, bought the property right next to our new property! We will always be within walking distance from church. :) In 2008, we sold our house and property, which also included the building that we were using for Church 2x a week. The new owners (My best friend's family!!) graciously let us continue to use the building for year while we started building the new church. We moved into the new place 1 1/2 years ago. It is very primitive but it is slowly beginning to look like a church. :) Two years ago a big work group helped us with that first part, then the next year the 2nd part and this year they helped us with the 3rd part! What a blessing this group has been! I can't wait till we get it all done next year. (Not to mention how much us ladies will enjoy a kitchen and indoor bathrooms.) :) The reason this is taking so long to build is because our church does not want to go into any dept and we have a fairly small church of about 40 people. OK, maybe that wasn't all that small of a story, but, this is a project that started 3 years ago. [smile]
 This is what it looked like last Monday morning. Don't you love our red pipes?!
The two main people behind the whole project. Without them, I don't know what we would do.

 The look last week.
 In the next post, I'll put pictures from this week up.
 The tie thing holding the re bar together.
While waiting for the cement truck we shoveled gravel...not the most pleasant job to have.
Finally!! After being two and a half hours late, the cement is here. That was one long, boring 2 1/2 hour wait too....
Busy workers, making out floor smooth.  The machine to make it smooth quite working, so they had to do it the "Old fashioned way" with 2x4's.

Isn't it amazing how smooth they can get the cement to be?!!
Check back later for part 2!

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