Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Church Raising Part 2

Hey there! I hope all of you are having a good week! Ours has been very busy. Here is part 2 of the Church building project. We had a big group here last week to help us frame up the last part of the Church. They were so helpful! We couldn't have done it all without them.
 Framing up the downstairs.

 Putting down then 2nd floor!

 The first window installed!! If you know anything about framing you might think this is funny.
My brother walks by the teens framing this window, "Are you sure it's square?"
They replyed, "No, it's rectangle." LOL
 Tanzi sure got a lot of attention! We're beginning to think we should have named hime 'Friendly'. :)
 Watch out below!

 The "Boss" (my Dad) giving orders. :)
 These are two men that came with the group. They are two of the four carpenters that helped.
 Posing for a picture. :)

 Taking a little break.
 Shoveling gravel. Not the funnest job in the world.
 And stacking firewood...thats not very much fun either...and yes, our Church has wood heat. Always has and always will. :) (Later there will be a furnace outside.)
 My sweet sister.
 They got a lot done in three days.
 The next couple pictures are of the first floor.
 Self Expanitory. :)

Many thanks to the Appalachian Outreach!

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