Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Of Kittens and Sisters

Dear faithful blog readers,
Here are the kittens I promised you. I had to add some "Sisters" pictures too. As I don't think they'd ever get posted if I didn't do it now. :) I have had a wonderful day of school and house-cleaning. I'm sure most of you have had the same. :) I don't have much time on the cumputer, so I'll let you take a look at the pictures now.
I believe this is my favorite picture...and my favorite kitten!
The eyes, that's what makes this picture even worth showing. If he had been looking at the camera, it jsut wouldn't be the same.
This gives you a sense of a wild cat coming out of a Jungle to creep apon something...


Picture taken at the park.
Why does this kind of picture always remind me of Anne of Green Gables?!
Signing off,

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