Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun on Sunday

So your all wondering..."What did they do on Sunday????" We went caving...and to top it off we had a campfire afterwards. I had so much fun...friends, sliding/walking around in a muddy cave, beautiful country, glorious creeks, campfire...and laughter. What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon?!? I'll let the pictures [and captions] tell you the story.
Soooo..we're gonna go on this 'venture...and we find out it's supposed to rain! (It is NOT a good idea to go caving in the rain.) It, thankfully, did not rain. :)
ahh...did I already say Beautiful?!!
I was going to use this for my Macro Friday picture...but...I couldn't wait. :)
Before we entered the Cave

"Boys, wait for us. We don't want to lose you."
My sis and I
After we left the cave #1 (we went to two caves) We had so much fun sliding in that mudy cave!

My sister:
"I finally found the house of my dreams, and it's something I can afford!"
It was truely a beautiful place, I would live there if I could.
Definatly one of my favorite portraits I've taken.
Art ~ It's all around you.
Oh, wait, we're standing on land. :)
My wonderful sister poses for me again.
How in the world did they get down there...well, they're boys and boys find there way down/up everything!
(Us ladies found our way down too, just a simpler way)
"Anybody need to visit Mrs. Murphy?"
Windy, narrow roads..that's Kentucky for ya!

This is at cave #2 'Buckcreek Cave'
Caving 101
Well, that's all for now.
'Till next time.

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