Sunday, August 1, 2010

Michigan - Day #1

Portrait on the river.
Yesterday, we began the day by getting up at 10 am. (I'm on vacation) lol Then part of my family went to a Rumage/yard sale. Afterwards we came back and had lunch. Then my dad's cousin's family came over. We went out on the pontoon for a few hours. They have two adorable little girls and two adorable twin 8 month old my sister and I don't have to fight over the baby. lol
Portrait #2 on the lake.
Entering the River
Private Property. lol
A Swan.
I have no idea what they were looking at.
My favorite shot of the day.
Daddy: Smile for the picture.
Ethan: "Stop, taking pictures." (see the way his hand is?)
On the way back we saw an airplane on the lake.
After we got back, my sister and I went shopping with My dad's cousin's family. I'm going to call them the "D" family. Anyways, we stayed in the car with the kids while they did some grocery shopping. Here I was showing S. how to take pictures on the cell phone.
And here adorable little E. sleeps.
Then we had a campfire and had supper.
I have no idea what Aunt N. said, but it must have been surprising!
The little kids played in the water some.
Smores. mmmm
Timothy and I.
I forgot to put this up earlier. But this is on the river.
I also like this shot for some odd reason.
That's all for now.

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